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The CaNibble Bundle - Free Straight and circle cutting attachment

Includes a CaNibble, Spare Punches, Spare Die, Clamps and a FREE Straight and Circle Cutting Attachment.
This is the whole bundle!!  Everything you need for easy, clean and safe sheet metal cutting. View the brochure!

CaNibble - Professional Nibbler attaches to any standard drill transforming it into a safe, easy to use, sheet metal cutting tool, CaNibble cuts sheet material up to 2mm thick for brass, aluminum, formica and plastics, 1.6mm for mild steel and 1mm for stainless steel. The Bundle also includes a pack of 2 spare punches. These punches bite tiny pieces of metal as your CaNibble cuts, they are made of top quality High Speed Steel. It includes one spare die which in conjunction with the punch, grips and cuts sheet metal CaNibble-ising the material in its path.

Also included is a Straight and Circle Cutting Attachment: this clever guide connects to the Die of your CaNibble, so you can cut perfect circles and straight lines. It comes complete with a sheet drill for safely pre-drilling the holes required for cutting out circles. Plus one pair of bench mounting clamps: these are designed by CaNibble’s engineer’s to bench mount both your drill and CaNibble Professional Nibbler. Using our clamps makes intricate cutting easier leaving your hands free to man-oeuvre the sheet of material being cut.

See it in action: