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The CaNibble Tool

The only nibbler on the U.S. Market with a patented cutting action.

Attaches to any standard drill transforming it into a safe, easy to use, sheet metal cutting tool. View our brochure!

Every CaNibble purchased comes with a spare punch included.

Key Information:

  • It fits onto a standard drill (keyed or keyless chuck).
  • It cuts sheet metal and many other thin materials.
  • CaNibble’s Professional Nibbler is highly portable- bring it with you – take it anywhere on a cordless drill.
  • Offering the tightest radius of cut available on the market.
  • CaNibble Professional Nibbler can cut complex profiles easily without disengaging the workpiece.
  • There is NO distortion of material shape.
  • There are NO burrs or sharp edges - this tool is SAFE.
  • It finishes the job, no need for filing afterwards this means you save time and effort.
  • CaNibble’s Professional Nibbler can cut a powder coat finish without damage to the paint.
  • Use it right or left handed.
  • Our Die can index within 360 degrees, forwards, backwards, left or right and in between!
  • It’s easy to see the work you are doing.
  • Cuts sheet material up to 2mm thick (for brass, aluminum, formica and plastics). 1.6mm for mild steel and 1mm for stainless steel.
  • CaNibble cuts radiuses as small as 8mm.
  • Leaving a 4mm wide cut path as it cuts.
  • Rate of cutting: 5 ft/minute at 3000 rpm Materials for cutting: Flat sheet material, corrugated material, pipes, profiles like gutters. Stainless steel, Copper, mild steel, aluminium, Formica, Plastic sheet, fibreglass, denim, leather, even paper and card.

See it in action:


  • Direct from the ORIGINAL manufacturer of attachment Nibblers.
  • Cut sheet Metal, Profiles, Corrugated, Pipes and other materials Safely and Easily with our patented drill attachment CaNibble Nibbler.