There's no room for error when
you're five thousand feet in the air.

In 1989 we were asked to supply components to the American aviation industry.
Every part of the CaNibble is made with the same dedication to precision and quality.


The CaNibble Tool


The only nibbler on the U.S. Market with a patented cutting action.

Attaches to any standard drill transforming it into a safe, easy to use, sheet metal cutting tool. 

Every CaNibble purchased comes with a spare punch included.

Key Information:

  • It fits onto a standard drill (keyed or keyless chuck).
  • It cuts sheet metal and many other thin materials.
  • CaNibble’s Professional Nibbler is highly portable- bring it with you – take it anywhere on a cordless drill.
  • Offering the tightest radius of cut available on the market.
  • CaNibble Professional Nibbler can cut complex profiles easily without disengaging the workpiece.
  • There is NO distortion of material shape.
  • There are NO burrs or sharp edges - this tool is SAFE.
  • It finishes the job, no need for filing afterwards this means you save time and effort.
  • CaNibble’s Professional Nibbler can cut a powder coat finish without damage to the paint.
  • Use it right or left handed.
  • Our Die can index within 360 degrees, forwards, backwards, left or right and in between!
  • It’s easy to see the work you are doing.
  • Cuts sheet material up to 2mm thick (for brass, aluminum, formica and plastics). 1.6mm for mild steel and 1mm for stainless steel.
  • CaNibble cuts radiuses as small as 8mm.
  • Leaving a 4mm wide cut path as it cuts.
  • Rate of cutting: 5 ft/minute at 3000 rpm Materials for cutting: Flat sheet material, corrugated material, pipes, profiles like gutters. Stainless steel, Copper, mild steel, aluminium, Formica, Plastic sheet, fibreglass, denim, leather, even paper and card.

See it in action:


  • Direct from the ORIGINAL manufacturer of attachment Nibblers.
  • Cut sheet Metal, Profiles, Corrugated, Pipes and other materials Safely and Easily with our patented drill attachment CaNibble Nibbler.

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I have received the nibbler and managed to cut a neat hole in my rainwater tank that made an exact fit for the new inlet screen. It was easier than I had expected.

I used my cordless drill and I was impressed to see that I could slow down the revs at difficult parts and the cutter continued to function without difficulty. When cutting a curve this is much better than stopping and starting to change grip or hand position. I told some friends about it and they want to see it working. I think I've become just like the tradesman that told me about it in the first place. I really was that excited that I had to tell my friends about it. The proof of the pudding really is in the eating in this case.

From my background, I understand that the most important part of the tool is the metal quality and machining of the cutting tool surfaces. I once purchased a cheap Chinese tap and die set only to find they don't work. I am confident that this aspect of the tool would more than likely exceed the quality of most, if not all, other on the market. I like to save money on my purchasing as much as the next guy, but at my age I've learnt that when it comes to tools, quality is far more important than price in the purchasing choice. I've been tempted in the past to purchase a cheap tool with the reasoning that I only need it to do the one job and regretted the decision because it didn't do that one job well. My father was a humble man and being an engineer and an intelligent man, only ever bought high quality tools. Sadly he's passed away now but I experience great memories in the pleasuer of using his tools and hope that I can leave the same legacy to my children. In many years to come my children will at some stage use your nibbler, and think "this tool dad bought is really cool".


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