How thick can the Professional Nibbler cut


The answer depends on the grade, and type of material being used.

For Mild Steel cutting, it is 1.6mm (or 16 SWG)

For Brass, Aluminium, Plastic cutting it is 2.0mm (or 14 SWG) we also recommend a specific punch and die are kept for Aluminium work.

For Stainless Steel cutting tool action it is 1.0mm Maximum (or 20 SWG) we recommend a specific punch and die are kept for Stainless Steelwork.

Always apply a lubricant such as WD40 or light oil along the path of the cut.

Mild Steel

CUT MILD STEEL UP TO 16 SWG (0.064″) (1.6mm)


CUT ALUMINIUM UP TO 14 SWG (0.080″) (2.0mm)


CUT COPPER UP TO 14 SWG (0.080″) (2.0mm)


CUT PLASTIC UP TO 14 SWG (0.080″) (2.0mm)

Stainless Steel

CUT STAINLESS STEEL UP TO 19 SWG (0.048″) (1.0mm)


CUT BRASS UP TO 14 SWG (0.080″) (2.0mm)

Corrugated Iron

CUT CORRUGATED IRON UP TO 16 SWG (0.064″) (1.6mm)


CUT FIBREGLASS UP TO 14 SWG (0.080″) (2.0mm)

Do I need clamps to use the Straight and Circle Cutting Attachment

For smaller and non-fixed pieces of material, it is much easier to cut a circle or straight line with your CaNibble Nibbler Tool bench-mounted so you can use your hands to guide the material.

However, if you are cutting a fixed panel, it can easily perform this function without the use of bench clamps as the panel is static.

What sort of drill do I need to run my nibbler

Any Power drill, electric or air with a 9mm chuck capacity and a speed range of 1,500 to 2,500 RPM. 

For full use of our Bench Mounting Clamps and the One Handed Attachment, the collar of your drill needs to measure 43mm in diameter.

1500 RPM is the recommended cutting speed for Stainless Steel.

2500 RPM is recommended for Mild Steel, Aluminium and Plastic.

What can I do with my Nibbler

Your CaNibble Professional Nibbler cutter is ready for action and will cut both corrugated and flat sheet metals. It will also cut plastics, Formica, chicken wire, even paper and cardboard, plus rounded and tubular sections of material.

It will cut in straight lines, and in curves with a radius as small as 8mm (5/16″) without distortion and leaving no sharp jagged edges.

Its index-able cutting head (Die) will adjust through 360 degrees quickly for different applications and access, without the need to dismantle the entire tool.

I dont have a PayPal account do you take credit cards

You do not need a PayPal account to use the PayPal facility for a credit card payment.

Simply continue with your purchase using PayPal on our web site, and it will guide you through the process of purchasing with your credit card through their facility, with no strings attached.

Where do the products ship from

Our US Fulfilment center is based in Transverse City, Michigan 

How long will it take for my order to be delivered

Shipping is currently set to economy rate by default. We do however offer a two-day shipping option.

The shipping speed will depend upon the order day as the fulfilment centre is closed over the weekend and will also vary according to the distance you are from South East Queensland.

Usually, our Nibbler orders are delivered within 7 days of receipt.

Is free shipping available

We offer free shipping on orders over $100