That's why the CaNibble works beautifully and is the worldwide nibbler of choice.

Watch a short overview of the CaNibble professional Nibbler in action. This two minute video will show you how the CaNibble tool works, and why it works so well. We demonstrate our patented cutting action, as well as some possible applications like cutting corrugated sheet metal and gutter profiles. You will see that CaNibble is an Easier, Faster, and Safer drill attachment for sheet metal cutting, so put down the tin cutting snips and shears and experience the ease, speed and maneuverability of the CaNibble professional Nibbler cutter.




It shows a full overview of the sheet metal Nibbler's capability and scope.

It also includes instructions on how to use the CaNibble by attaching the metal Nibbler to a standard drill (corded or cordless). It demonstrates how to rotate the die for both cutting accessibility and extended cutting life, and how to replace the punch and/or die when required.
It features our useful accessories the Straight and Circle Cutting drill attachment and our bench mounting clamps so you can bench mount your CaNibble for intricate work using both hands to manoeuvre the material. Everything you need to know about how to use the CaNibble professional power Nibbler, which attaches to a standard drill is covered.