CaNibble clamps allow you to bench mount your drill, and CaNibble nibbler.
The CaNibble Nibbler mounted in one of it's bench clamps
The CaNibble Drill and Nibbler each use a bench mount clamp. Allowing for safe and stable bench mount cutting of sheet metal
The CaNibble Nibbler and drill bench mounted ready to cut sheet metal and other sheet materials.
A front view of two CaNibble clamps.
Two CaNibble clamps, one showing it's mounting mechanism.
Two CaNibble Clamps showing different angles of the product.
Two CaNibble bench mounting clamps showing opposing sides of the product.

CaNibble Clamps
(Pack of 2)

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Designed by CaNibble’s engineers to bench mount both your power drill and CaNibble Professional Nibbler. Using our clamps makes intricate metal cutting (and other materials) easier, by freeing hands up to maneuver material. View the brochure!

NOTE: These clamps are designed for a 43mm Drill Neck or Collar. Please check this measurement on your drill prior to purchase