Collection: Introducing the CaNibble Nibbler Tool

40 years ago I set out to design a nibbler tool that was safer, would last longer and do the job better.

Every metal nibbler I created since then was just a little better than the one before.

Now, 40 years later I'm proud to bring you the CaNibble, quite simply, the best nibbler tool I've ever created and the only metal nibbler in America with a fully patented cutting action. It's a nibbler made in the spirit of days gone by, when things lasted and a man could pass down his tools and his knowledge to his son.

Enjoy using the CaNibble. I know my father would have been proud.


Ken Turner, Designer & Founder


The CaNibble

Tracing its roots from the original drill attachment nibbler. The CaNibble is the original nibbler tool reborn, with over 40 years of refinement, and a third round of patents.
Attaching to any standard power drill, the CaNibble cutter drill attachment transforms your drill into a safe, and easy to use sheet metal cutter tool. 
Capable of tackling complex sheet profiles without sparks, distortion, or leaving sharp edges or burrs. 

The only nibbler with a patented cutting action

The CaNibble is the only nibbler on the market with a patented cutting action.
Making it the cleanest, fastest, most maneuverable and longest sheet metal cutter drill attachment on the market. With its case hardened cutting blade, the CaNibble can cut up to 1,200 feet before needing its punch replaced.
So put down those tin snips and experience the ease, speed, maneuverability, and safety of the CaNibble.